Cuby 7 - Fabulous sound quality and stunning design

“Cuby 7 lives up to its creators’ bold claims with a stunning performance that rewrites the rulebook for wireless speakers.” 

“Even more impressively, WiSound delivers on its promise of a tonally consistent sound from any listening position. Walking around the room while streaming Happy by Pharrell Williams from Spotify, the hi-hats and gospel claps lose none of their crispness from any angle, while the funky bassline remains punchy and agile.”

“WiSound’s open, expansive output, combined with the heavy bass notes, give the action a sense of scale that most Bluetooth speakers would struggle to match.”

“Deluxe build quality, chic design, innovative tech, superb sound quality with music and movies – Cuby 7 boasts all the ingredients of a must-buy product.”

– Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7, Trusted Reviews, February 2015 

The Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7 receives its first published review – on the hugley popular and influential Trusted Reviews website – and it’s a stunning write-up, containing fulsome praise both for the individual talents of Cuby 7 and the impressive, innovative WiSound technology that drives the new generation of Crystal Acoustics products.

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