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Quick Overview

Surge Protector with 1600 Joules, 3-sockets, 2 USB-A, 2 USB-C ports, and Reset Switch

Ensure Maximum Performance and Longer Life for your electronic equipment
  • Ultimate Surge Protection with 55,000 Amperes and 1600 Joules
  • Multiple Protection with Reset Switch
  • Two Protection LED indicators for Surge and Ground
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • 70dB noise protection against EM/RF Interference for maximum performance of connected equipment
  • Ultra Fast response Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) for disconnecting of the appliances when the mains voltage exceeds the specified limit
  • Total USB Output 3.4A
  • Child Safety Locks
  • Complete Safety with 10-Point Protection

  • 1. 1600 Joules

    Protect your electronics from high Energy spikes

    Joules indicate the total energy, from the beginning until the end of the spike. The high-Joule rating of the surge protector, ensures the safety of your AV gear or any other electronic device.

  • 2. 55000 Amperes

    Protect your most expensive electronics

    The high protection rating of the surge protector, ensures the safety of your AV gear or any other electronic device.

  • 3. Reset Switch

    Reset the surge protector easily, after a surge suppression shut-down

    The surge protector will automatically cut the power supply to the connected equipment in case of sudden surge currents and voltages. Using the reset switch, you can easily restore normal operation to all your devices.

  • 4. 100% Protection

    Protect your devices against short circuits and overloading for both power lines

    100% protection against short circuits and overloading for both line and neutral lines. Most surge protector manufacturers offer single-line overloading protection, exposing 50% of the connected appliances to potential overloading.

  • 5. 70dB EMI/RFI protection

    Maximize the performance of your connected equipment

    Eliminate electromagnetic interference. The sensitive circuitry of your electronic equipment needs to be protected against electromagnetic noise and electric current “impurities”. All our surge protectors come with an impressive 70dB integrated filter.

  • 6. Surge Warning LED

    Receive immediate notification in case of an electrical surge

    The embedded LED Protection indicator warns of surge currents and abnormal voltages.

  • 7. Ground Warning LED

    Check the grounding status of your connected devices

    Multiple outlets, all equipped with enhanced surge protection, allow you to protect many connected devices at the same time.

  • 8. Ultra Fast response Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV)

    Protect your devices instantly, in case of sudden power surges

    Keep your equipment safe, through the automatic disengagement of the appliances when the mains voltage exceeds the specified limits.

  • 9. Thermal Insulation for Superior Electrical Safety

    Protect your devices against fire hazards, due to a possible surge protector overheat

    Our surge protectors use PE insulative material around the MOVs, ensuring efficient thermal coupling and anti-incendiary protection

  • 10. Child safety lock

    Protect your children from electrical hazard

    The safety lock on every plug prevents your children from accidental electric shock, due to object insertion.

  • USB Output 3.4A

    Ensure efficiency and longevity for your battery

  • 3 Outlets

    Multiple connected devices

    Multiple outlets allow you to have many connected devices at the same time.

  • 2x USB-C ports

    Simultaneous fast charging for two devices

  • 2x USB-A ports

    For simultaneous charging of two devices

    Spike Current

    • Max. Spike Current (milliAmperes)
    • Waveform Standard
      IEC61643-1/Class II
    • Waveform Type (μsec)

    Energy Dissipation - Protection

    • Max. Energy Dissipation (Joule)
    • Response Time (nsec)
    • Max Energy Dissipation L-E (J)
    • Max Energy Dissipation L-N (J)
    • Max Energy Dissipation N-E (J)

    EMI/RFI Noise Filtering

    • Noise Suppression (dB)
    • Max Target Freq. Range (MHz)
    • Min Target Freq. Range (MHz)

    Operating Specifications

    • Max. Operating Power (Watt)
    • Operating Current (mA)
    • Operating Voltage (V)
    • Material
      Fire Retardant PP
    • Cable Length (m)
    • Cable Type
      3G 1.5mm2

    Outlets - Connections

    • Outlet Type
    • Schuko (CEE 7/4)
    • Schuko Sockets
    • USB A Ports
    • USB Type C Ports
    • USB Total Output
      5V 3.4A
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