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Quick Overview

Moovy - Powerful Portable wireless speaker

Immerse yourself in 360 sound and listen than never before
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth equipped
  • Spotify, Tunein, Pandora, Tidal, iHeartRADIO, DEEZER
  • WiSound technology
  • Balanced Directivity for incredible sound everywhere in the room
  • Ideal In-Room response
  • Incredible Bass down to 70Hz
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Stereo Mode

    Use two speakers in Stereo Mode

    If you get two Wisound multiroom speakers, you will be able to set one playing Right channel and the other playing Left channel, with perfect synchronization. Like this, you will be able to enjoy the conventional stereo setup but without any wires involved.

  • No need for a network

    Stream your tunes, even without an internet connection

    No router or internet connection required. You don’t even need a home network at all, because if your Crystal Acoustics speaker doesn’t find a network, it will create one.

  • WiSound technology

    Place the speaker anywhere | Hear perfection in every listening position

    The WiSound speaker’s unique design achieves the optimal tonal balance throughout your listening space – not just in a narrow ‘sweet spot’ like other speakers. This vastly improves social listening, and gives you great flexibility regarding placement of the speakers, without performance compromises.

  • Rich Feeling of Space

    Feel the Full Sound Power of the orchestra in the room

    WiSound technology achieves the optimal tonal balance whilst creating a “spherical response” throughout the room’s space. The result is big, vivid, natural, finely-detailed sound, anywhere in the room.

  • Wide Dispersion of Sound

    Enjoy Room-filling sound, with 3D sound image

    WiSound speaker’s unique design, with balanced drivers firing forward, sideways and upwards, fills any room with big, vivid, natural, finely-detailed sound and re-creates the music source at its full size and natural height.

  • aptX Bluetooth®

    Listen to your music easily and without wires, from your smartphone, tablet or computer

    Your Crystal Acoustics speaker’s Bluetooth® receiver makes wireless connection to your handheld devices completely effortless. There are no wires, and no fuss.

  • Streaming services

    Enjoy music from streaming services

    WiSound Wireless Multiroom devices not only fully support streaming services like Deezer, Spotify and Pandora, but also play music from them directly, leaving your smartphone or tablet free to be used for other purposes.

  • Internet Radio

    Tune in to countless Internet radio stations around the globe

    WiDaptor, Cube and Teevy incorporates the TuneIn service, giving you direct access to countless Internet radio stations of every type and genre, around the globe. Save your favourite at Cube and Teevy at 6 presets and access them easily through its remote control.

  • DLNA/UPNP Support

    Play music from any DLNA/UPNP DMS device

    Your Crystal Acoustics WiSound speaker can use any DLNA/UPNP device as a source – such as your computer, home server, NAS or other media player.

  • Automatic software updates

    Stay updated with new features and services

    WiSound multi-room is constantly improving, with new features and services. As soon as a new feature emerges, your system will automatically update itself.

  • Ideal “In-Room Response”

    Experience natural, lively and balanced sound everywhere in the room

    Sound reflections in a room give music much of its life and vibrancy. WiSound speakers are designed to use these reflections in all directions equally. This results to a natural, vibrant, large-scale, exciting and dynamic sound everywhere in the room

  • Simple to set up, Easy to use

    Enjoy an easy and trouble-free multi-room system

    It’s never been easier to set up and control a wireless multi-room system. Simply use our free app on your smartphone/tablet, and fill your home with music in seconds.

  • Τhe clever Cuby 7 serves up a spacious, enveloping sound
    “.... Goodbye to your traditional stereo speakers and their ‘sweet spot’, the theory goes ...” “... The sonic characteristics do not change noticeably. There is not more detail over here and less bass over there. Th...
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    Cuby 9 - Impressive design, flexible multiroom features, superb Wi-Sound
    “…Cuby 9’s star attraction is WiSound, which uses nine drivers to create a big, room-filling sound, or a ‘spherical response’ ...” "…The rear panel’s healthy range of sockets goes beyond the usual wireless speaker of...

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    Τeevy 6 - Clever Internals make the Teevy 6 sound great! “....

    We were able to walk around the room without noticing any obvious gaps in audio coverage or any change in the mid-range or treble response when we changed position....” “... directs the sound around a room mo...

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    Τeevy 6 The gift of Wisound
    “.... Wisound can create an incredibly dispersive, dynamic and consistent audio delivery through every part of a room....” “.....In a nutshell, a combination of full-range, midrange and high-frequency drivers at the...
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    Τeevy 6 - a hugely impressive soundbase
    “... Its tasteful design and solid build quality are commensurate with the price, and it brings effortless excitement to movies and TV shows with its punchy bass, excellent detail and attacking tone...” “... Impress...

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    Cuby 7 - Fabulous sound quality and stunning design
    “Cuby 7 lives up to its creators’ bold claims with a stunning performance that rewrites the rulebook for wireless speakers.” “Even more impressively, WiSound delivers on its promise of a tonally consistent sound from...
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    • Class D ampilifier
    • DSP


    • AptX Encoding
    • NFC


    • AirPlay
    • DLNA


    • Woofer 1x ø8cm (3 in) long excursion cone
    • Mid/tweeter 2x ø5cm (2 in) fast rigid cone

    Frequency Range

    • Frequency Range 70Hz - 20KHz
    • Frequency response Smoothness (65hz-10hz) +/- 1db


    • 3.5mm Input Mini Jack

    Power Supply

    • Input Voltage (V) 100V - 240V, 50Hz- 60Hz
    • Rechargeable Batteries Operation
    • Standby Power Consumption <0,5W
    • USB power supply


    • Network Standard 802.11b/g/n
     Enjoy your music as the artist intended