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Feel the rumble in every action scene, savor the bass in every music track
Ranging from 8” wonders to full 12” THX Ultra2 certified behemoths, these are awarded subs you’l love at first listen

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  1. TX-12SUB-BLA

    Awarded THX Ultra2 Certified 12in Subwoofer

    Enjoy studio-grade Low Frequency Effects

    • THX Ultra2 Certified subwoofer
    • 12'' woofer and 200W built-in amplifier for realistic, uncompressed LFE
    • Flat frequency response for tight and controlled bass
    • Auto On/Off function for easy operation
    • Luxurious combination of high gloss and black ash finish
    • Designed to meet the ultimate in-room bass performance according to THX, by using two pairs in 7.4 systems
  2. THX-10SUBT-BL

    Powerful 10in THX Select Certified active subwoofer

    Enjoy studio-grade bass, in small to medium-sized rooms

    • Compact THX Select Certified subwoofer
    • 10'' woofer and 120W built-in amplifier for realistic, uncompressed sound
    • Flat frequency response for tight and controlled bass
    • Downfiring design, doubles as an elegant table
    • Matt black finishing
  3. TX-8SUB-BG

    Compact, high performance 8in subwoofer

    Easily hide this subwoofer out of sight, yet enjoy powerful bass with music and movies

    • 8'' woofer plus one port for a room-filling bass
    • 100W built-in amplifier for high listening levels without compression
    • Flat frequency response for tight and controlled bass
    • Compact design that can be easily integrated in any room
    • Matt black/Gloss top
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3 Item(s)

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